Quality website hosting and the important of regular website maintenance

September 16, 2022

Finding a good host for your website is important.  Today there are many to choose from so how do you know what is the best option for you?  Here is some helpful information for you to consider when choosing a new home for your website.

What is hosting? Are there different types of website hosting?

Website hosting is the space where website files are stored.  The physical storage is located within a server that is attached to the internet.  This server connection to the internet allows internet users 24/7 access to your website.

The most common type of hosting out there today is self-managed hosting which is where you are responsible for installation and configuring your hosting environment.  There are alternatives to self-managed hosting where website installation, backup scheduling, SSL setup are handled by the provider.  There are also options where the provider will help with updates to the website content as well.

What makes a good host?

Performance.  Backups. Security.  A quality hosting provider should have the technical resources to offer your website visitors a high performance experience.  In addition to having adequate memory and computing power, a hosting service should provide you peace of mind by offering options for backing up your website in case your site is hacked or corrupts.

Another major factor to a quality is their level of support.  A good host is reliable and available for any questions you may need answered or technical support you may need.

Why is it important to have a good host for my website?

The success of your website depends heavily on what you are able to put into it.  Adding fresh content improves value to both your website visitors and search engines that are actively ranking your website.  Updating your website system along with any additional plugins you have running on your site is also an important part to the upkeep of your website.  Content and system updates require time but it is necessary and worth the effort.

The hosting environment also requires maintenance. This maintenance consists of ensuring the proper dependencies, to which your website relies on, are up to date in order to avoid any website downtime.  This regular maintenance is essential to provide today’s website users the safe and optimum experience they need.

Website hosting and maintenance – getting more value from your hosting

Hosting is evolving as website owners are looking for more value from their hosting service.  Like Directwest, some providers are now offering packages that include website maintenance and content updates with their hosting.  These packages offer the convenience of having all your website-related needs managed for you.  Instead of spending time to keep up with all the maintenance and updates themselves, today customers now have an option to have everything managed for them, saving them both valuable time and money.

Did you know that you can change your host at anytime?

If you are not satisfied with your current website performance, you can move your website to another hosting provider.   In most cases, switching hosting providers needs to be handled by the website owner but there are some providers that can handle the transition for you.  The move from one provider to another consists of several technical steps.  The main pieces to the transition are moving the website files, migrating the website database, and updating DNS entries.

Directwest can both host and maintain your website and website content.

Today, Directwest both hosts and regularly updates approximately 700 website properties.  We are well equipped to not only host your website, but we have the teams to keep your website up-to-date with any changes you require to your website.

If you are interested in making Directwest the new home for your website, contact us today and have us handle the complete transition of your website at no additional charge to you.